Our History

South Africa based installation artist Zara Jansen, started ZARAZ in 2014 after studying Fine Arts at Stellenbosch University. Her love for both art and design inspired her to seek out a realm in which both would form fundamental elements of the process. This coupled with the belief that art should be a public spectacle for all to enjoy, steered her towards festivals and events, which presented the perfect opportunity. Her first event was Organik – Love Project in May 2014, which was a massive success and led to the formation of ZARAZ. In 2016, as projects became bigger Christel Van Rensburg a good friend of Zara from university days, joined the décor creation process as head seamstress and Graphic designer.

What we do

Event Stage Design & Decoration

ZARAZ is a team of highly qualified artists with an interest in event stage design and psychedelic art by elevating festivals and events like Psytrance parties all around the world including South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia with their intricate, handmade  UV shade installations and stage decoration. ZARAZ believes that environments are an extension of the imagination, and that different events require their own unique visual experience. Utilising skills ranging from digital design to painting, airbrushing, sewing and sculpting, they create fantastical, immersive environments for your audience or guests to enjoy.