5 Festivals that have the Most Creative Outdoor Environments

Festivals provide unparalleled excitement in almost every single culture around the world. Some festivals are quite simple, but others are far more elaborate – especially when it comes to their outdoor environments and décor. The five festivals below represent some of the most creative in the world.

BoomTown Fair – Winchester, England

BoomTown Fair is all about reggae, and when it comes to town in Winchester, England in August 2019, it will transform the festival site into something reminiscent of an old town or village just like a movie set. It’s more than just entertainment; in fact, it’s an entire story, and those in attendance are encouraged to participate via role play. Each part of the makeshift town is a distinct district featuring a different type of bass-rich music, including ska, funk, garage, and of course reggae. Each year, thousands upon thousands of people travel to BoomTown Fair to experience its immersive and imaginative environment.


Electric Forest Festival – Rothbury, Michigan, USA

The Electric Forest Festival is more than just a festival. It’s an entire experience and one that visitors won’t soon forget. It spans the course of five days and features entertainment from techno, electronic, and jam bands, and it’s held at the Double JJ Resort. You’ll need a map to navigate the transformed terrain, which is designed to look like its namesake – an incredibly amazing Electric Forest. If you plan to attend, be sure to check out the Good Life Village and the Enchanted Experience, which offer visuals unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The event is so popular that you can even take an Official Electric Forest Shuttle from Chicago, Detroit, or New York City.


Bestival – Lulworth Estate, Dorset, United Kingdom

Lulworth Estate is a gorgeous backdrop for a music festival, and “Bestival,” which takes place each year in the UK, makes amazing use of it. This four-day boutique-style music festival is by far one of the most eclectic in the world today, and you’ll find campsites, a Bollywood tent, Caravanserai, and a landlocked port. If you are drawn by curiosity and wonder, be sure to plan to attend Bestival at least once in your life. The outdoor environment is bright, colorful, and above all else, entirely unique.


Brisbane Festival – Brisbane, Australia

If you ever get the chance to travel Down Under, try to schedule your trip to coincide with the Brisbane Festival. Though there is music – and plenty of it – there is so much more to see and do. For example, you can visit the Circa’s Training Centre, where you can learn from some of the same people who teach trapeze artists and acrobats. You can see live theatre performances, opera, dance, a circus, and so much more. The fest culminates with the worldwide sensation known as Sunsuper Riverfire, which is a massive pyrotechnics show that makes for some amazing photos and videos of the Brisbane skyline. As a testament to its excellence, more than a million people attend each year.



 Burning Man Festival – Black Rock City, Nevada, USA

No list of creative outdoor festivals would be complete without a mention of Burning Man, which takes place every year in Nevada. It’s about 100 miles outside of Reno in a remote area, but it draws tens of thousands of people each year, and the September 2019 event is expected to bring nearly 100,000. Radical self-reliance and self-expression are at the heart of the festival, and the culmination of the event – the burning of a giant wooden “man,” – can symbolize anything from rebirth to a simple community celebration. Those in attendance are incredibly creative, which is evident from the numerous photos you’ll find on the event’s website.


Festivals are important to billions of people across the globe whether they represent solidarity and a sense of community or just a way to come together and enjoy their favorite genres of music. These five festivals offer something that many others cannot – some of the best and most creative outdoor festival environments of all time.