Are Floating Festivals the New Experience?


In some way, shape, or form, festivals have been around for millennia. They solidify communities, provide entertainment, and give people from all walks of life the opportunity to come together and enjoy their favorite films, bands, or even art. Floating festivals take all the fun and solidarity normally found at traditional festivals and move them out to sea, where people feel an even more profound sense of togetherness and immersion.

What Is a Floating Festival?
A floating festival is exactly what its name would suggest; it is a festival experienced on a massive cruise ship that floats miles away from the coast. Some of the most popular floating festivals include the “Stages at Sea” cruise made popular by Royal Caribbean; Shipsomnia, which is decorated by the talented Carin Dickson and focuses on focuses on art and music; Groove Cruise, which is touted as the world’s premier EDM (electronic dance music) cruise; and even The Ark cruises, which offers a number of amazing floating musical experiences.

Shipsomnia – a Unique Experience
Of all the floating festivals in the world today, nothing quite compares to Shipsomnia, which is dedicated to a variety of different types of art, music, and fun. You can participate in a costume contest that encourages you to dress up and become the King or Queen of the Shipsomnia Ball, which is an event all its own. The event focuses on taking you away from the hustle and bustle of life on shore and instead transports you into a mythical, mystical journey at sea. Though the decorations are very much aquatic in theme thanks to the brilliant mind of decorator Carin Dickson, it’s unlike anything you can experience elsewhere, making it one of the most desirable floating festivals in the world today.

The Ark – A Variety of Destinations
Whereas events like Shipsomnia and, to a degree, even the more mainstream Stages at Sea festival focus more on what happens on the ship, The Ark combines on-board festival fun with amazing destinations that fit together to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The concept is unique and is centered on the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark, in which only those who took the time to believe in the flood and help one another were saved. The Ark floating festival pays homage to this, allowing you to sail off into a tropical sunset with like-minded individuals aboard an Ark-like vessel. Unlike the other festivals, each person on the ship plays an integral role in providing the others’ unique experiences.

Groove Cruise
Fans of EDM can experience their favorite loud, live atmosphere away from land with the Groove Cruise floating festival. This one is offered by the famed Celebrity Cruises, and it offers up several days’ worth of nonstop music. There are eight different parties – one for each night on board – and each one has its own unique theme and décor. Over the course of the cruise, more than 50 bands and artists will play on the multiple stages spread across the ship, allowing visitors the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in the EDM culture and lifestyle. The creators of Groove Cruise have a no-holds-barred attitude toward delivering a good time, and people who attend claim to leave forever changed.

Floating festivals offer up much the same excitement and experience as their land-based counterparts, but with a bit of a different approach. It’s all about the art, the music, and the fun, but at the same time, the goal of getting away from shore and partying with like-minded people out in the middle of the ocean is unique. Whether you prefer the outrageous design and costumes at Shipsomnia or the more relaxed feel of The Ark, there’s something for everyone.